The Keccak sponge function family

Guido Bertoni1, Joan Daemen1,2, Michaël Peeters1 and Gilles Van Assche1

2Radboud University




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Simplifying Keccak's padding rule for round 3

17 January 2011

For the third round of the SHA-3 competition, we decided to shorten and simplify the padding rule used in Keccak. We also took the opportunity to provide a fresh new structure in our documentation, in particular for a clean split between general sponge-related aspects and Keccak-specific ones, and between implementation-related aspects and cryptographic ones.

We made the following changes to the Keccak specifications.

Note that no changes have been made to Keccak-f.

With this new version, we make the following documents available on our web page.

And obviously, the implementation packages have been updated and are available for download.