The Keccak sponge function family

Guido Bertoni1, Joan Daemen1,2, Michaël Peeters1 and Gilles Van Assche1

2Radboud University




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Keccak Crunchy Crypto Collision and Pre-image Contest

16 June 2011

After four rounds of Keccak cryptanalysis prizes, we now take an initiative that solicits attacks relevant in a hash function setting: the Keccak Crunchy Crypto Collision and Pre-image Contest. In particular, we hand out money prizes for pre-images of published images and collisions for a set of reduced-round members of the Keccak family.

In total we present challenges for 48 reduced-round Keccak instances, namely Keccak[c=160, r=b-c] with b ≥ 200:

For each of these Keccak instances there are two challenges, so 96 in total:

We have released KeccakTools v3.1, which contains support for the validation of solutions (see file KeccakCrunchyContest.cpp).

Please visit the Keccak Crunchy Crypto Contest page for the contest rules and pre-image challenges.